Law Practice Areas


Areas of Practice

We advise clients on hundreds of non-litigation matters. This includes business formation matters, drafted and reviewed NDAs, as well as commercial and residential leases, and buy/sell agreements. Additionally, personal injury, business, real estate, and probate are our primary focus areas. Contact us today to see how we can help you in any of our law practice areas.

Real Estate – From creating an LLC to shareholder agreements and partnerships, our office can assist  in preparation of all types of property including office buildings, residential developments, mixed-use developments, apartment complexes, as well as hotels, restaurants and more.

Civil Litigation – We also advise and assist small and mid-size business owners and managers on important aspects of their businesses such as deciding which business structure to use, succession planning, and internal governance

Probate & Estates – In addition, we can assist individuals and families with making smart end-of-life decisions based on their wishes and circumstances.  We also help families deal with the death of a loved one on probate and other estate matters. Let Robert Whitley help you and your family handle the sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made. With considerate and patience, we will guide you through all of the tasks that lie ahead

Personal Injury – Have you suffered due to personal injury? As well as physical and emotional harm, our office represents individuals who have suffered injury due to a person’s negligent act or failure to act. Therefore you need an attorney to look out for your best interests.

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